Welcome to Beach Combers Artwork. Here you will find a gallery of unique designs of wearable art representing a greater body of my work. This gallery features hand made pieces made using sea glass (or beach glass, sometimes called Mermaids Tears) that I have gathered from beaches around the world.

My home is on lovely Lopez Island in the San Juan Archipelago in the Pacific Northwest. Each year I travel abroad researching beach combing hot spots for the most amazing sea glass. My collection so far includes sea glass from beaches in Morocco, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and England. Please visit my blog to follow my travels each year.

The way this web site works is a bit different than most. Each piece of sea glass is different making each piece of jewelry a unique, one of a kind work of art. If you see a design you would like to purchase, you can check with me for available sizes and colors of sea glass. If you have your own sea glass you would like for me to incorporate into a design, I would be happy to custom make you a piece for a truly one of a kind keepsake or gift for your favorite beach comber.

Please check back on occasion for new designs, new sea glass, travel blog posts and more. If you have any comments or questions please contact me at the email address below or check out my Facebook page. I hope you enjoy this site and recommend it to others!