And so it begins

imageWhat a great day! Yesterday I left the west coast of Ireland in the midst of hurricane conditions (and yes, my plane left on time) and today I am walking the beaches of northern Scotland with my coat off and the sun on my face!

I am currently staying in the town of Stonehaven, just south of Aberdeen. The old part of town where I am staying is a cobbled fishing village where the paved streets wrap around houses that were there long before there were streets. And then there is the beach….

I always marvel at the evolving transformation of a beach over time. I have lived on Lopez Island for 10 years and I have watched as each beach has changed since I first set foot on it so long ago. Since arriving in Stonehaven yesterday I have combed the main beach during 3 consecutive low tides (2 today) and it was so wildly different each time. The weather is near perfect yet the beach was flat and rocky yesterday, this morning was sandy and steep, this afternoon it seemed like all the rock was all on one end and sand only on the other. How odd for sunny skies and calm winds? Tonight the wind is howling so I can’t wait to see how the morning tide forms it up!

I was able to rent a car in the UK (but not Ireland…and from the same company???) so today I scoped out some beaches on Google Maps and headed out. I don’t have a smart phone or GPS, I have always been lucky following my nose…and it helps to know where the coast is at all times! The coast of this part of Scotland is dotted with small towns, most of which have a cove or beach. Although I didn’t get to all the ones I had planned, I did cover quite a few….damn you high tide! Stonehaven alone, was worth the trip and I have found some really beautiful pieces here – thank you beach!

Today I also combed beaches in the shadow of a castle as well as some tiny fishing coves south of Aberdeen…all of which had treacherous climbs that left my legs noodley….it has been a while since I have done this and my body feels like it is mad at me! It might be the cliff hanging or the mudslides (no, not the drink) but I came back covered in mud with a big pocket full of sea glass! Tomorrow I will set foot on Stonehaven’s beach for a quick comb and then head south combing my way down the coast to St.Andrews where I will be for a few days. Supposedly the sea pottery is good there…..we will see…but only after ibuprofen and coffee….

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