On the hunt again!

Well, I have begun my annual hunt for sea glass (heretofore referred to as the ‘hunt’)! This years’ trip will be a quick one after a 4 day pit stop in West Kerry Ireland, where the music feeds my soul….and the whiskey ain’t too bad either…..for this years hunt I will fly to Edinburgh, go north to Aberdeen and comb my way down the coast to Northern England. I am not sure if I will have a car or take the train….I choose not to have credit cards so renting a car becomes a bit tricky to navigate. Each year the rental agencies shift their policies on debit cards, even down to the actual office location, and with all our abilities to communicate, it is still difficult to find out who will rent me a car. I have always driven away but not always after the first or second try. We willAerlingus see, public transportation in the UK is stellar and I can still get to remote beaches by train….

Anyway….short trip? Yes, not the usual months of scouring coasts of the world, this years trek will only be 2 weeks. I love Scotland and have been several times but not to this coast. I will end up at an old favorite in Seaham. I always meet new people on these journeys so I am excited to stay with friends and meet some new ones!

2015 was a busy year so I figured I would spend the grueling air travel time to get anyone interested all caught up!

I was blessed in May to acquire my very first studio space in a great old building called the Greyling Gallery….former artist colony now various uses, still beautiful and the creative energy still lives there. It took some time and effort and help from my son and my best friend – you guys rock! Still need to work out kinks in the lighting but it looks great and I love to create there! It has a space large enough for ample work area and display space….come check it out if you are ever on my lovely little island!

Originally I intended to just have showings by appointment and open studio hours for holidays and special island events. The response I got during the holidays coupled with the fact that it takes far less effort to put out a few sandwich boards and open my doors than it does to haul and set up my booth makes it game changer.

I had to give up one of my longer running markets in Friday Harbor to do it which means leaving a great bunch of artists. I will still be at the Lopez Island Farmer’s Market and Roche Harbor in the summer but will have regular open studio hours….look for the sandwich boards!


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