Shifting into Gear

After being nearly idle for the last two months slowly recovering from an exhausting summer, I have finally shifted back into gear – it is time to plan this winter’s travels.

I never really cared much for history in school and somehow missed geography altogether. But I do have to admit that I love setting the course for a trip and then researching those places – the histories, customs, weather, climate, the usual. For me though, the research includes things like the history of glass making in the region, popular trade routes, ports and harbors, shipwrecks and coastlines. I know, I’m a geek – my mission is sea glass.

This trip is a big one and there are several things that I plan to get serious about on this trip, some of which include my photography and my travel writing. I am planning on being gone for 3 months – the beginning of 2017 basically. Not entirely a coincidence that I will be gone when the White House is infested with whichever side wins this election… 10 countries, 6 of which are new to me, at least 9 different languages (not to mention regional dialects) and 8 different currencies!

In the past I have used Dublin as my hub in and out of Europe, relying on the emerging industry of ‘puddle-jumper’ airlines that make it soooo cheap to get all over. This year I decided to try Iceland as a hub. It is hard to say how much time I will spend there on my way home, but for starters I will spend 5 days beach combing the black lava sand beaches and photographing the waterfalls by day (very short ones at that) and by night I will revel in the volcanic hot springs under the Aurora Borealis…not bad for a start, right?

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